Tuesday 25 May 2010

Thank you!

A quick note from the organisers -Adam and Steve- to say thank you for turning up. Twenty people all in, including Owen, a seven year old, whose participation was very impressive.

Montpelier was a good intro, Kingsdown fun, Cliftonwood as scenic as ever. The best bit: Bridge Valley Road being closed to cars, giving it a full Alpine-mountain ascent feel. Here we can see Adam enjoying the climb. At least we think he's enjoying it.

We have a proposal from one participant to organise the sequel, the Bastard Hills of South Bristol, which would take in windmill hill and finish in Totterdown, of course. That's going to be harder than this week's event.

There seems interest in doing a repeat, maybe this time we can do one around Christmas, as on a cool day it would be a great way to stay warm. There is also some enthusiasm for a kids version, which would probably just take in one of the sections: Cliftonwood or Kingsdown. Maybe we should do one in each location on separate weeks.



  1. haha fixies and hills.

    don't you just love watching them? :)

  2. Slipping gear changes and hills? There were plenty!

  3. Lots of photos were taken. Are they going to appear anywhere? How do we get to see them?
    Many thanks to Adam and Steve for organising it!

  4. It was fun!

    I really didn't think I would make it all the way round, but in the end it actually felt quite civilised (apart from Marlborough Hill which is just evil and wrong). Looking forward to the South Bristol one - it could finish with Redcatch Road, which is a total bastard hill, but there's probably too much angry South Bristol traffic...

  5. ...meant to finish that by saying - thanks for organising it.