Thursday, 31 December 2009

Bastard Hills of North Bristol Entry Forms

Entry forms for the hill ride are now up online. It's free for Bristol Cycling Campaign members, £1 otherwise. If you join the BCyC in January, we will subtract £1 from the membership fee.

  1. Here is the form: please print and fill in in advance, if you can, as it will save on paperwork on the day.
  2. If you aren't a member, bring a pound, preferably exact change. Money will go to the cycling campaign to support our campaign to make Bristol a better place to cycle.
  3. The ride leaves at 10:30 am sharp. Get there early if you need to fill in forms, pay, etc. Then do some stretching before the tour of Montpelier opens up the day.
  4. We also plan to hit a cafe in the city centre. Bring some spare change for that too.
  5. And we finish by the Water Tower Cafe on the Downs: if you want to finish off with some food or drink there, bring some more money. Otherwise, you are free to go home -it should be a downhill for nearly everyone.

Having checked out the whole route, it's steep. This is not a speed event, it's a "will my inner quad muscles survive" event. Anyone who has ever toured Cornwall or North Devon will know the feeling.

Ten days to go: not too late to get some training in by picking a hill in Cliftonwood or Kingsdown and doing it 6-8 times in a row!

See you on the Sunday!

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